April 25, 2023

Cookieless World: Calzedonia and Publicis Media increase online sales by 19 percent

Düsseldorf, April 25, 2023 - Anyone who wants to address people on the Internet with advertising messages that are as tailored as possible needs data and the right technologies. Until now, this data has been collected in the form of cookies via the browser and used to target advertising messages. In the wake of the imminent abolition of third-party cookies, more and more cookie-free solutions are now gaining acceptance, such as the "Conversions API" business tool, CAPI for short, from Meta. The CAPI tool enables browser-independent, privacy-compliant, ID-based data exchange between an advertiser's server and the Facebook advertising platform.

For an international company like Calzedonia, a specialist in legwear and beachwear, addressing target groups via its own e-commerce platform and social networks is an essential part of its communication strategy. Overall, online sales contribute a relevant share to total sales. In order to remain in possession of a meaningful data pool in the future, Calzedonia began working with Publicis Media at an early stage to develop a 1st-party data strategy so that engagement with existing and potential customers is secured even without cookies. The first results of using the CAPI tool on the meta platform are now available - and show considerable business success.

CAPI is a business tool that allows advertisers or their authorized partners to send important web and offline events or customer actions directly from the advertiser's server to Meta, thus optimizing their Meta advertising campaigns in the industry context. Incremental measurement is the best way to evaluate the result. Publicis Media has invested significantly in methods and technologies for such measurement in recent years. The incremental effect of paid media is the difference between what is observed as the result of the campaign and what would have happened if the campaign had not taken place (counterfactual). It can be demonstrated with the help of a conversion lift test, in which a control group is not served any ads and is set in relation to the test group that saw the ads.

Publicis Media put the CAPI tool to the test and conducted a single-cell conversion lift test comparing the incremental benefits of the CAPI tool and its meta-media campaign for Calzedonia's online business from December 5, 2022 to January 1, 2023. This resulted in an incremental online conversion gain of 18 percent, which led to an incremental online revenue gain of 19 percent.

René Lamsfuß, Chief Data Officer Publicis Media: "With the Conversion API, we were not only able to test a campaign under the conditions of a cookieless world, but above all impressively prove the performance success in the form of an increase in sales. Together with Calzedonia and Meta, we were able to successfully implement the new possibilities of a cookieless age."
Calzedonia also draws a positive conclusion to the single-cell conversion lift test and looks forward to the cookieless age with confidence.

About Publicis Media:
Publicis Media is a business unit of Publicis Groupe ([Euronext Paris FR0000130577, CAC 40] one of the world's leading communications service providers. Publicis Media includes the global media agencies Spark Foundry, Starcom and Zenith. Publicis Media helps its clients navigate the modern media landscape and is represented in more than 100 countries with a total of over 23,500 employees. In Germany, Publicis Media is part of Publicis Groupe Germany.

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