August 9, 2023

New brand "Enkelfähig" becomes founding member of the Entrepreneur*innen Initiative

Publicis Groupe Germany develops the "Enkelfähig" brand and becomes a founding member of the entrepreneurs' initiative

What contribution does the economy make to the well-being of future generations? Is our definition of growth still up to date? And what can entrepreneurs do now to operate in a value-oriented way that takes into account the economy, ecology and social responsibility? Answers to these questions are at the heart of the Enkelfähig movement initiated by Haniel CEO Thomas Schmidt. It brings together leading family businesses and innovative founders with the aim of jointly shaping an economy that will also secure a future worth living for future generations.

Publicis Groupe Germany supports the initiative with its agencies MetaDesign, Saatchi & Saatchi and MSL in developing the brand as well as communicative concepts. It is also becoming active as one of the founding members.

Christoph Pietsch, Chief Growth Officer Publicis Groupe Germany: "Three years ago, we encountered the term "grandfathered" for the first time. And even then, we sensed the power that can be contained in the vocabulary. We want to leverage this potential and correct the communication dilemma around sustainability in parts."

Pietsch continues: "We were impressed by the understanding and consistency of the application of a performant economy while assuming ecological and social responsibility. We want to support the ambitions of Thomas Schmidt and the founding members with our skills, while making a valuable contribution and, of course, learning in the community."

"At Enkelfähig, the focus is on community and dialog," emphasizes Thomas Schmidt. "Together with our founding partners Publicis, the start-up promoter Anthropia, the IT service provider Arineo, the family-owned companyReckhaus, the auditing firm PwC, and the HR consultancy Board Partners, we are creating a protected space in which decision-makers* from the business world can inspire and empower each other and thus together redefine entrepreneurship for the 21st century."

The initiative will kick off with the Enkelfähig Summit on September 7 and 8 at the Haniel Campus in Duisburg. For the first time, entrepreneurs, investors and start-up founders will have the opportunity to discuss potentials and impulses for a new economy in the sense of Enkelfähig. Ideas from practice will be given by top-class speakers such as Eckhart von Hirschhausen (doctor and business journalist), Saori Dubourg (ex-DAX executive and member of the German government's Council for Sustainable Development), Anders Indset (author and founder of Njordis), Moritz Ritter (Managing Director of R² Holding GmbH & Co KG) and Maja Göpel (transformation researcher) in various formats such as keynotes, solution talks and experience talks.

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