April 12, 2022

Spark Foundry wins media account from Cura of Sweden

Düsseldorf, April 12, 2022 - Düsseldorf-based media agency Spark Foundry has won the seven-figure media budget of Swedish therapy and weight blanket manufacturer Cura of Sweden. The team led by Managing Director Partner Robin Jansen and Managing Partner Björn Klaas was awarded the contract for the German market after Publicis Sweden prevailed in the Sundsvall-based company's Swedish home market.

In Germany, Spark Foundry is supporting the brand and product launch with the aim of raising awareness of the therapy and weighted blankets that are popular in Sweden. As the blankets can only be purchased online, consumer targeting is also focused on digital channels.
Cura of Sweden's weighted blankets are suitable for people with very different needs, such as those with stress-related sleep disorders and headaches, or people who simply want to do something good for themselves.
"For media planning, the different target group segments are particularly exciting, each benefiting from different characteristics of the products," adds Robin Jansen, Managing Director Spark Foundry. "With our programmatic approach, we help to pick up each segment individually. We use very pointed channels for this. This ranges from search to display, to the podcast that target audiences listen to to fall asleep."

About Spark Foundry:

We combine the dynamic, forward-looking spirit of a startup with the resources, partnerships and buying power of the global Publicis Media network. For our clients, this means getting the best of both worlds at all times and no compromise between innovative strength and scalability. For our talent, it's an opportunity to make a difference, to grow as people and communications experts, and to actively shape the future. This unique approach has made us one of the fastest growing media agencies in the world in recent years.

SPARK FOUNDRY is ranked #3 in the global RECMA NewBiz rankings, employs over 3,500 people in over 50 countries, and was named AdAge Media Agency of the Year in 2022.

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