December 7, 2023

Christmas at home with TUES

Christmas at home:When advertising makes a difference.
#TUES brings Christmas to the streets

Christmas is a time of love, family and coming together. But for many people living on the streets, this Christmas wish remains unfulfilled. Since 2017, however, the Düsseldorf initiative #TUES (DUS Live e.V.) has aimed to bring this festive season to the streets and give those who need it most the gift of a home.

This year, the "Christmas at Home" project will be even bigger and more meaningful than ever before, as the street party and the pandemic-compliant alternative - a large-scale parcel campaign for emergency shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia - will be combined.

The Christmas party for homeless people will take place on 10.12.2023 together with the GuteNachtBus in Düsseldorf's old town. Between 100 and 150 guests, who often live on the margins of our society, will be able to enjoy fresh food, Christmas music, a hairdressing service and a warm gift-giving ceremony in a festive atmosphere.

At the same time, the initiative will implement the parcel campaign for the emergency shelters established in the coronavirus years. With the support of companies, the volunteers will fill 1,000 gift packages with helpful products such as hats, blankets, gloves, dental care, skin care, shampoo, sweets and handmade Christmas cookies on 16.12.2023. No less than 10,000 cookies will be baked by the campaign helpers. From 10:00 to 14:00, the parcels will be packed in large Elegant Elephant studios in Düsseldorf Lierenfeld and prepared for export to the emergency shelters.

The festival and parcel campaign will be accompanied by a city-wide outdoor advertising campaign in Düsseldorf, which aims to inspire citizens to look out for their neighbors during this time and focus attention on the issue of homelessness for a moment.

#TUES initiatorDaniel-John Riedl works full-time as an advertising strategist and sees particular added value in the OOH campaign made possible by STRÖER, Publicis Media, Snoopstar and BRZ Studio. "We talk so often in advertising and marketing about attitude, purpose and responsibility. This shows how advertising can make a difference. Especially when market participants join forces and work together completely pro bono for a good cause. That inspires me."

The media company Ströer is providing 100 poster sites for the campaign free of charge, which will be used to spread the initiative's message throughout Düsseldorf. The Düsseldorf media agency Publicis Media is covering the production costs of the posters and involving employees in packing the Christmas parcels. Boutique agency BRZ Studio is responsible for video content and the AI-generated poster motif, which is brought to life by partner Snoopstar via AR Experience and aims to invite passers-by to engage with the reality of life on the street. At the same time, Kreativzirkel in Düsseldorf created a landing page on which details of the campaign can be seen and where users have the opportunity to make a Christmas box for homeless people in NRW possible with a 10 euro PayPal donation.


Daniel Stumpe, GuteNachtBus Düsseldorf:
"The Christmas period is a particularly challenging time for our homeless guests, when the painful gap between past festive moments and the harsh reality of street life becomes especially palpable. In the midst of this loneliness and helplessness, however, we want to give them a glimpse of light. We are delighted that, together with many committed partners and volunteers, we are creating a special evening to give our guests a festive Christmas experience despite the adverse circumstances."

Olivier Korte, CEO,Publicis Media
"We are delighted to once again be supporting a very specific, local campaign. Our employees can also get involved in packing the Christmas parcels themselves, which has been very well received. We like to take the opportunity to help right on our own doorstep, so to speak. What a great campaign!"

AlexanderStotz, CEO, Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH:
"We are convinced and happy to support the Düsseldorf initiative #TUES. This work deserves the greatest respect - and support! To this end, we are making the reach of our media available across a large area of the city. We are optimistic that the poster campaign will help to raise awareness of the situation of homeless people in Düsseldorf and motivate people to support the #WeihnachtenZuhause campaign."

ThiloReichert, CGO of snoopstar:

"It is a matter close to our hearts to be part of this great #TUES campaign again at Christmas. Christmas should be a celebration of warmth, belonging and community for everyone. With our AR experience, we want to make the reality of the street tangible. We want to call on people to pause for a moment and pay attention to those who need it most. Working with such committed partners shows the positive power that advertising can have when we do good together. We are proud to make a contribution and carry the message of 'Christmas at home' into the city. Together, we are setting an example of humanity and solidarity - the true gift of this festive season."

Lukasz Brzozowski, CEO& Founder, BRZstudio
"At BRZstudio, we are convinced that communication has the task of arousing emotions. Our campaign with #TUES is designed to make people think and encourage them to donate and take action. We are proud and grateful to be part of this great campaign, which makes Düsseldorf even more of a better city.


Campaign motif attached.

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